There are 2, no actually 3 ways to upgrade your Ubiquiti Dream Machine:

  • First: Via the WebGUI
  • Second: Via CLI using ubnt-upgrade https://<web-link of firmware bin file> (direct download from Web)
  • Third: Via CLI using ubnt-upgrade /tmp/<firmwarefile>.bin (using local file)
# ubnt-upgrade
 Usage: /usr/bin/ubnt-upgrade  [upgrade.tar|tftp://host/file|http://host/file]

Last time I upgraded to Version 1.92, the direct download was that slow, that I had to first download the firmware to my local computer, then copy it over to the Dream Machine and last, install it locally.
This way I will show you with this little article

Please download the file to your local computer

Now we have to copy the file with scp to the Dream Machine

# scp fd23-udm-1.9.3-eba54809a49f4d6fa5792d7871068730.bin <username>@192.168.x.x:/tmp                                                                                      

Finally, install the new firmware with ubnt-upgrade command

# ubnt-upgrade /tmp/fd23-udm-1.9.3-eba54809a49f4d6fa5792d7871068730.bin

ubnt-upgrade: [info] Getting FW file from /tmp/fd23-udm-1.9.3-eba54809a49f4d6fa5792d7871068730.bin

Firmware file: '/tmp/upgrade-workspace/upgrade.bin'
ubnt-upgrade: [info] Upgrading …
Firmware file: '/tmp/upgrade-workspace/upgrade.bin'

Running processes while Dream Machine do the upgrade. As you can see, busybox is used to install the firmware

# ps -af
5267 root     {ubnt-upgrade} /bin/busybox sh /usr/bin/ubnt-upgrade /tmp/fd23-udm-1.9.3-eba54809a49f4d6fa5792d7871068730.bin

5276 root     [kworker/0:0]
5329 root     [kworker/3:1]
5429 root     /sbin/fwupdate.real -m -k /tmp/upgrade-workspace/upgrade.bin

Check if the Firmware is installed

# ubnt-device-info summary
Device information summary:
       Subsystem ID: ea11
       Family: UniFi Dream Machine (UDM)
       Model: UniFi Dream Machine (UDM)
Default MAC address: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Default IPv4 address:
       Firmware: 1.9.3 (1.9.3)
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